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“Expert Apple & PC Computer Repairs in Southampton

Hero Tech Support are different to other computer repair providers. We offer a COST-FREE pick up, FREE OF CHARGE diagnosis and FREE drop off at your doorstep. This makes having your computer repaired as hassle-free as possible. Hero Tech Support repair and service all makes and models of PC and laptop computers in Southampton. Damaged laptop screen? Charging or overheating problem? Not an issue for us!


Our computer repair services in Southampton:


Water damage: Even when you take every preventative measure to prevent liquid damages with your computer, accidents happen. Your pet might knock over a cup of coffee or some visitors might have had one way too many. We understand it is extremely frustrating, but do not lose hope! At times with a bit of cleaning magic your computer can come back to life. Our knowledgeable technicians understand what to pay attention for and will do their best to reverse the damage. If all else fails we can help get your precious data then we can replace the broken parts or give you advice on a new machine.


SSD upgrades/ slow computer fixes: Computers can slow down. You can install lots of software to help, but a lot of the time it will keep occurring. We can assist with a more long-term solution. Sometimes erasing the entire computer can help (don’t worry we’ll help make sure you keep all your stuff!). But a lot of the time installing a fancy new Solid State Drive will breathe new life in to your computer and you’ll be left thinking about why you ever wanted a new one. We have done this upgrade for many clients and every one has been impressed by the improvement. Not to mention they are also getting more affordable everyday.


Antivirus removal and alternatives: Security is on many people minds at the moment. With scams and phishing efforts at an all time high we know peoples concern, but we can help put your mind at ease. We can recommend you on your current safety and security, or create an entirely new setup based upon your needs. Not only that but additionally we can help remove anything harmful that might have made its way in to your computer currently. No-one should feel anxious when using their computer, let us get that weight off your shoulders.


Data recovery: Your data is precious. We have all lost data before. Something may have quit working on your PC that makes you think the files is gone, or something was accidentally erased. In many cases we can assist get your stuff back. We use exclusive software that will definitely dig around and find almost anything that has been lost. Then if we can not get what you need to have back, or your device is physically damaged, we are partnered with OnTrack Data recovery specialists that can go that step further.


Data transfer: As much as we like assisting to keep your older devices running, sometimes you need to get a new piece of kit. Although there are more solutions out there than ever before that make migrating from one unit to another super easy, it does not always work the way you expect. We can help get everything moved over and get your new device set up in the way you are used too. We will also help get rid of the cobwebs and advise on your current setup.


Virus/ malware: Even the most switched on users computers can become afflicted. Knowing the difference between reliable and fraud software could be tricky, but with a little guidance you might be confident while browsing online. Our experts can help scan for just about anything naughty that might have gotten its way on to your computer while helping to protect from near future security threats. We also provide sessions for kids to help them be more aware while browsing the web.


Vintage Apple: Apple computers have a reputation for lasting a very long time. But what happens if something goes wrong when it’s a little old? For right or wrong, Apple do not service computers that are over 5-6 years in age. The term they give them after this amount of time is ‘Vintage’. Well our team don’t think they are vintage at this age, in fact we have dealt with Macs that are over ten years old! We have access to a wealth of older parts and have fixed numerous Macs that Apple would have turned down. We will only give you honest advice and if buying a new computer is the right thing, we will tell you. But if you can keep your Mac going for years to follow, why wouldn’t you?


Backups: Even though you are very cautious with your computer, things can go wrong. One of the most important thing on your computer is your data. Let us help you ensure that you will never lose anything again. Whether that’s to a hard drive plugged in to your computer or to a cloud service, or both! Don’t let data loss be the reason you start backing up, get ahead of the game and get set up right.


Call us for expert Computer repairs in Southampton and across Hampshire: If you wish to contact us in regards to fixing your computer, please give us a call or complete our website contact form. Hero Tech Support respond to non-urgent messages within 24-hour. If you need urgent Apple Mac and PC support please call in the first instance to speak to an expert.”

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