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Well….. i could say that we are the best computer repair company in the north east, or even England, or i might even push the boat and say BEST IN THE WORLD, actually we could even go one further and SAY THE BEST IN THE UNIVERSE………. like all of my competitors and other computer companies would state.

OR i could say we are amazing and do this that and the other (ALL usually sounding like a blag to get business)

the TRUTH IS SIMPLE, we survived the recession in 2008, we have over a HUGE client list, i won’t divulge the number because the competition WILL get jel jel (jealous in english that is),

But if you’re fortunate enough to be in the pub on a Friday night?, or out with the family having a meal or even around the Sunday dinner table, tucking into aunt bessies yorkshire puds.  and you’ve heard our name, “perhaps thats the reason you’re on our webpage”, then let’s just say that might give you a rough idea of the number of homes and businesses that we have provided a service for……

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37 Church St
TS24 7DG
01429 280955

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