Is Your Battery Dying And Can It Be Saved?

How to Know if Your Laptop Battery is Dead or Dying

Your laptop battery won’t last forever. Even if you treat your battery perfectly, it will eventually die. In fact, even if you didn’t touch your laptop battery, there will come a day where it simply will stop working. So, how do you know if your laptop battery is on its last legs? How do you know that the reason your laptop won’t turn on is related to your battery? Well, we are sure the following guide will help you out.

Signs Your Battery is Dying

Ideally, you will want to replace your laptop battery before it dies. After all, you don’t want your battery to randomly die, leaving you without a laptop while you await a replacement, right? Thankfully, knowing when your battery is about to die isn’t all that difficult.

Remember; you should probably be replacing your laptop battery every few years anyway. This is the only way to really guarantee it won’t randomly die on you. Obviously, make sure that you spend your cash on a quality battery.

Your laptop battery no longer holds a charge

Over time, your laptop battery will no longer be able to hold a charge. This is very noticeable. You will be able to get less use out of your battery before you are reaching for the mains adapter to plug the laptop in. At some point, it will get so irritating having to do this all the time, that you will end up replacing your battery.

Your computer will tell you

This isn’t something that you can 100% rely on. However, if you have Windows 8 or Windows 10, you will notice the battery indicator on the bottom right hand side of your screen. If this EVER has a red cross appear on it, then it indicates that there is an issue with the battery and it needs to be replaced. However, do bear in mind that batteries can die before Windows even warns you that they will die. Think of it as a little bit of a ‘secondary check’ as opposed to your main method.

Use Third Party Tools

There are a few third-party tools that you can use to check whether your laptop battery may need replacing soon. These tools, such as BatteryInfoView, will be able to ‘read’ your battery. The software will then be able to tell you how much wear your battery has suffered from. Obviously, a little bit of wear is natural. This happens to batteries. However, if your battery is only able to hold a maximum of 50% of the charge level it was designed for, then it is probably high-time that you replace the battery.

How to know if your laptop battery is dead

Is your laptop not switching on? Does your battery not seem to be charging? Well, it is easy to tell whether your laptop battery is dead.

  1. Remove the battery and plug the laptop in.
  2. If you have removed the battery and the laptop turns on when you have plugged your charger in, then there is a good chance that your battery has died. It can’t possibly be a problem with your laptop or your charger, otherwise the laptop wouldn’t turn on. Remember; some laptops will turn on, even if the battery is dead.
  3. The laptop battery doesn’t say ‘charging’ when your computer is turned on
  4. When you check your battery indicator on your computer, if it says “Plugged in, not charging”, then this could indicate that your battery is either dead or dying. That being said, it could still be a problem with the laptop charger. If you want to be 100% sure, then you can shut down your laptop and remove the battery. If the system still turns on, then this would indicate that the battery is dead.
  5. If your laptop doesn’t turn on, even with your battery or charger plugged in, then there could be a problem with your charger. The best way to test this is to try and get your hands on a secondary charger. It is very, very rare that your laptop will be completely dead. Laptops tend not to randomly die. You will have received some sort of sign that was happening beforehand.If you have done all of the above and are still stuck just pop along to the local laptop repair shop and you can find your local repair shop on our home page.
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