Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre

Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre is a company located in Bristol, United Kingdom repairing all types of Gadgets, Mobile Phones, Games Consoles, Laptop,Hoverboard etc. We believe that repair is possible at every stage of life and technology does not bound us or limit us in repairment. We take pride in offering repair services inBristol for majority of the portable devices.

Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre offers you the most experienced technicians in the industry with years of experience worldwide who are dedicated to give you the best service possible. Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre can fix all your gadgets including Apple products, XBOX, Playstation computers, tablets, water damage and all the other types of portable electronic equipment using state-of-the-art Laser rework systems.

We are The only Company that offers Mobile Phone Repair Service in Bristol that has real 16+ Years worldwide Experience.

At Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre our repair is slightly different as we do the component level repair which other technicians fear to touch. We have a high success rate for liquid damaged repair. We can do an extensive repair and also very economical repairs. The good thing about our company Tronixcity Gadgets Repair Centre is that we not just provide repairing facilities but also provide training. We train shop owners and high street retailers not just in UK but also Worldwide on how to unlock Iphone and other brands of phones.

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10 Park Street
+44 117 904 9752

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